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SharePoint ULS Log Analyzer also called ULA is an intelligent SharePoint log analyzer tool. It has the ability to process the errors captured in the log and match it against a set of defined analysis rules in its repository. Once ULA finds a match for the error, it proposes a solution to resolve the issue. ULA is simple, user friendly, and enables you to create your own analysis rule arsenal to add to its existing repository.

Quick 3 step setup instructions

• Download ULA version 1.0.0 from
• Run Setup.exe
• From the installation directory (default: C:\ULA), Run (as administrator) the ULAPostInstall.exe

Salient Features:

• Automate troubleshooting of SharePoint Farms.
• Build your own Analysis Rule arsenal.
• Save time digging through ULS logs.
• High Performance – capable of handling logs with millions of rows.
• SQL Query Generator that enables you to easily write rules.
• Built-in log clean up system.
• Easy and simple to follow UI.
• Precision log analysis by restricting analysis with date-time range.

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